You pick three while in tennessee

cast iron skillet with cornbread inside

Here in Tennessee there is nothing more that we love, than some good ole Southern Soul Food.

A longtime tradition of food culture in Chattanooga is something by the name of Meat’n’Three — a simple concept of pickin’ your meat and pairing your fixin’s. Generally paired with a hearty helping of cornbread and an extra-sweet tea, this Tennessee staple will hit you right where all the good things count. You can find this classic dish served up all around town — this style of eating is so important there is even an entire website dedicated to finding the best meat’n’three’s in the area — CHECK IT OUT HERE! While this dish is not exactly the most formal of meals it is definitely one that should not be missed. Loosen up your belt and make room for a generous helping of Southern cuisine — it is true what they say, a full belly has never hurt nobody.

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