Take a bite out of autumn

green apples in a basket surrounded by loose green apples and hay

Take a bite out of fall, round the troops and head to the orchard for an afternoon of apple picking!

November is the perfect time of year to roll up your sleeves and become one with mother nature. Because of Tennessee’s crisp air and rich soil, apples are a plentiful fruit all year long. There are tons of nearby orchards to choose from — but be sure to check out Crabtree Farms and Wheelers Orchard & Vineyard, two local favorites that also happen to be entirely sustainable. Let your holiday senses heighten with this autumn-inspired outing. After you select the perfect ones, try your hand at pie making or cider brewing. Before you know it, you’ll be true orchard royalty. There is truly something satisfying about plucking your own food from the earth — we promise you’ll never have tasted an apple so sweet until you’ve picked it yourself!

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