Meet me at moonpie

Everything is sweeter over here in Tennessee — from the iced tea to the sweet treats, and even all the way down to the people.

If your sweet tooth is a burnin’, be sure to pop over to the world famous MoonPie factory. The original MoonPie factory opened their doors right here in the heart of Chattanooga in 1917, selling their delicious pies at a whopping five cents per treat. MoonPies were the snack that kept the nation going in the roaring twenties, kept them strong during World War II and reinvented sweet flavors all the way through the seventies until today. One hundred years later the ooey-gooey marshmallowy MoonPie is still standing strong and can be found in stores all throughout the United States. Stop by the Broad Street location and pay your respects to the long-standing treat that is so out of this world, it had to come from outer space — meet me at MoonPie!

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