History & hops

old red brick building

You can’t doubt the overwhelming element of charm that exists in Chattanooga.

When you come to this cozy river city, it is necessary to take plenty of time to experience everything it has to offer. The Terminal Brewhouse is a great place to cozy up with the locals and take on some real Southern brews. Priding themselves on their utilization of locals products and services, they truly are an amazing representation of Chattanooga.

The Terminal Brewhouse was once known as The Strong Building, it was constructed in the early 1900’s to house and feed travelers that were arriving by train. Throughout the years it is said that The Strong Building was home to countless speakeasies during prohibition and illegal gambling. It was an exciting time to be perusing around the city and the Terminal Brewhouse has definitely lived up to the buildings high standards, one beer at a time!

Website: http://terminalbrewhouse.com

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