Check up on sustainable chattanooga

rentable bike display with pay metre next to them

Here in Chattanooga, green is the color of April — it is one of our favorite months to step into.

The weather begins to warm, flowers begin to pop up everywhere and life starts to sprawl all over the city. But most importantly in April we celebrate Earth Day! Over the years Chattanoogan’s have made a conscious effort to clean up our city and to make it one of the most sustainable. We are proud to say that our transportation runs on electricity, the CARTA takes passengers all around town and even all the way up to the incline. Our convention center became one of the Top Ten Green Convention centers in the entire nations with its open ventilation systems and solar lighting. And the Chattanooga Airport became one of the first to implement a sustainability program for aviation. If you don’t believe us, hop on one of the many bikes around to see for yourself. Chances are you’ll find a whole lot of earth love along the way.

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