Thomas Caleb Goggans

Lives in Signal Mountain

Named to the Portrait Society of America’s “Top Ten in Tennessee” awards, Thomas Caleb Goggans is a Contemporary Naturalist painter, and nationally recognized art instructor.

His artist path started in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the early age of twelve where he began as an apprentice under Gordon Wetmore, founding Chairman of the Portrait Society of America. During his formative training years, Caleb studied and worked with many exceptional artists, including John deMartin, Jerry Weiss, Bart Lindstrom, Michael Peery, and Randolph Melick. These early foundations nurtured an appreciation of the Naturalist painters of the Nineteenth Century. The intrinsic humanity and aesthetic depth of artist such as Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, and Lepage, along with the Romantics and Symbolists, are a constant inspiration.

In 2003 Mr. Goggans moved to New England where he rigorously continued his studies at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, one of the only traditional art colleges in the United States. As an Adams, Wardlaw, and National Merit Scholar, his work quickly advanced, thriving in the focused studios. Living in New England provided a rich visual and cultural environment, quick access to museums in Boston and New York, and valuable input from artists like Everett Raymond Kinstler.

Upon graduating with honors and receiving the coveted Stobart Fellowship, Mr. Goggans established his studio on Signal Mountain above Chattanooga, Goggans’ work explores the rich contrasts of human experience through representations of the figure, interiors, people, and landscapes. Extending well beyond technically faithful reproduction, his artwork is the result of intense observation and enthusiastic curiosity. Goggans is deeply intrigued by the expressive qualities found in both the grand changes of light and color through the progression of the seasons, as well in profound moments of human experience and the beauty life’s passages.

His work is found in homes and business around the country, including the Wardlaw, Isleib, Rufo, Dangremond, and Migliaccio collections.


An Evening Such As This

Oil on canvas; 2016 – Coming Soon

artwork displayed on a white wall

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