Sybil Topel, MFA

Lives in Missionary Ridge

As a fine art photographer, Sybil’s aesthetic has been shaped by family history, working with architectural photographers and studying contemporary art. She has been influenced as well by many journeys and sojourns in Europe, where she tends to drift south.

Sybil’s body of work falls into three loosely defined areas:

  • Pop culture layered with art references
  • Quirky, often humorous juxtapositions
  • Emotionally charged seascapes & landscapes

In college, Sybil studied Journalism and French. French led her to the study of well-known and contemporary French artists, as well as a lifelong love affair with museums. She started her career as a journalist and lived for more than 20 years in Nashville. In 2012, Sybil left her position as marketing director for a boutique architecture firm to pursue her MFA in Writing at an Atlanta art and design school, then moved to Chattanooga in 2014.

“It’s my hope that you enjoy these fine art photos as much as I enjoyed the thrill of capturing and creating them for you.”


Ruby Red Slippers

Fine Art Photography; Spring 2016

artwork displayed on a white wall
Doughnuts in the Sky with Sprinkles

Fine Art Photography; Summer 2016 – Coming Soon

artwork displayed on a white wall
Dawning of Aquarius

Fine Art Photography; Spring 2016 – Coming Soon

artwork displayed on a white wall

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