Russell Whiting

Lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I build the individual figures by layering silhouettes of ‘cut out’ 3-inch plate steel, which is welded into a single carving block. I then melt the figure from the block using the oxy-acetylene torch. I have been developing this technique for 25 years and have mastered the technique, becoming very sensitive to the effect that heat/oxygen and gravity has on steel.”

– Russell Whiting

Whiting’s method of working with steel is a product of his experiences in the oil and shipbuilding industries. As an artist, he developed a unique technique of carving steel with an oxy-acetylene torch, which produces complex, heavily textured surfaces.

Whiting’s work can be found around the country including public sculptures at Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN; King Plow Art Center, Atlanta, GA; Gulf Coast Art Museum, St. Petersburg, FL; and The Nest, Outdoor Sculpture Garden, Alexandria, LA.


Mountain View

Carved steel – Coming Soon

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