Rondell Crier

Lives in Chattanooga

Rondell Crier is a hybrid-creative working at the cross section of art, civic engagement, and community leadership. He began his career in New Orleans, through a local youth arts organization, YAYA. There he worked on various commission projects and received opportunities to travel and exhibit in Japan, Germany, Italy, New York, Holland, and numerous cities across the States, and later served as Creative Director for 11 years. He currently lives in Chattanooga, TN, where his public art sculptures, murals, installations, and community projects contribute to the city’s creative vibrancy. Rondell has public art sculptures in the city’s collection and has exhibited work in Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, Chattanooga, and Miami, and continues to make investments in people through creativity.


Interconnected - Pillars Circling Hope

Stainless steel and wood sculpture; 2016

artwork displayed on a white wall

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