Rick Booth

Lives in Hixson

Rick was born in 1948 in Charleston, SC. He attended the Atlanta School of Art where he graduated in 1970. He then taught at the University of South Carolina and later the University of Georgia. His work speaks for itself and mainly consists of fabricated metal, wood and fiberglass. Rick usually works with human figures and mechanical forms in both large and small platforms, depending on what seems interesting at the time of inception. He believes in hard work and that it will show in each piece produced. His biggest compliment is for someone to say “how did he do that?”

The Mystic Dove Juggler represents a medieval character that is amusing the crowd with tricks to earn a living. His final trick is to produce a flock of doves from nothing. This sculpture is a capture of that particular moment in time. The Juggler was originally a piece of drift wood from Rick’s wife’s burn pile that he rescued before she put the match to it. He can usually see the forms of things before anyone else. Rick mounted it in a standing position and the rest slowly took shape.


Mystic Dove Juggler

Wood, steel, fiberglass; 2016

artwork displayed on a white wall

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