Maggie Vandewalle

Lives in Hixson, Tennessee

Born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa, Vandewalle recalls a childhood divided between two passions: an insatiable love for books and a profound affection for the natural world. She was either outside exploring nearby fields and forests or inside scouring through shelves at the public library. These early experiences awakened her creative spirit and became the foundation that has defined her distinctive artistic voice.

Vandewalle’s paintings explore a parallel world where animals interact with intent and motivation. She is captivated by the magic and beauty of animals and enjoys imagining a place where they express themselves like humans. “Body language and movement; such as a slight tilt of a rabbit’s head, an owl’s irritated stare, a bird’s wing delicately hugging a friend, a hedgehog’s smile, or a cat’s commanding strut; can communicate responses and feelings. I envision animals as storytellers, as characters who are familiar and relatable.”


Rory’s Side Gig

Watercolor gouache on paper – Coming Soon

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