Lori Bower

Lives in Rossville

Lori doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in looking at beautiful paintings. But not until she was in her 50’s did she jump into an oil painting class.

“To fully appreciate the delights of God’s creation, I’m sure we would need totally expanded minds. So, I will content myself with filling canvases with small accounts to refresh our small minds.”

Lori studied under Karen Barton with Agape Art and at Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga she has been privileged to study under Mia Bergeron, Cindy Procious and Stan Townsend.

A website is not available because she is still currently working on a body of work. However, any contact can be directed through Townsend Atelier.


White Lily

Oil on board; November 2018 – Coming Soon

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