Janis Wilkey

Lives in Chattanooga

Janis Wilkey began art studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, concentrating on trompe l’oeil and mural art. While working in mostly commercial decorative art, she continued classes in drawing and painting at Chattanooga State. Eventually, she transitioned to studio and Plein air painting in oils. She has studied with master artist Daud Akhriev, and taken painting workshops with Peggy-Kroll Roberts, Bill Davidson, and Ray Roberts, among others.

Janis is drawn to the beauty and integrity of the natural world, the language of nature, and finds inspiration in the experience of painting directly in front of the motif in the outdoors. Another source of joy for Janis is figure painting and portraits, as she strives to not only portray how the person looked in that moment, but also what kind of human being he or she is, the energy they possess.



Oil painting; 2016 – Coming Soon

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