Hollie Berry

Lives in Red Bank

Hollie Berry is an artist living and working in beautiful Chattanooga Tennessee. Originally from Texas, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BFA in Studio Art in 2009. Berry first made her mark in Chattanooga with her “Dewdles” or drawings in the dewy grass of Coolidge Park, then moved on to more permanent public art projects like interactive art installations and murals. When in her studio at Chattanooga WorkSpace, she focuses on more traditional oil paintings of her favorite subjects: Horses. You can find more examples of her work on her website: www.HollieBerryArt.com.

Artist Statement:

Few understand the sense of awe that horses inspire in me. In my mind, their very existence is miraculous, as if dragons or griffons were commonplace and nobody seemed particularly impressed by this fantastical reality. Only in recent human history have horses transitioned from a utilitarian mode of transportation to a luxury predominantly available to the elite, their rarefaction further enhancing their mythic nature. These primal beasts, comprised of muscle, teeth, and hooves, clothed in shining coats and flowing manes, move with the speed and grace of the wind and shake the earth like thunder. Yet in spite of this, most horses are happy to obey relatively weak and small human beings. They may even be lead by a small child or serve as legs for one paralyzed, lend confidence to the timid or solicit gentleness from the brute. These creatures that occupy my thoughts demand to occupy my canvases as well.


Bits and Pieces

Oil on board; 2016

burned wood artwork of people holding up their glasses at a table

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