Harriet Q. Chipley

Lives in Lookout Mountain

A native of Coral Gables, Florida and a resident of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Harriet Chipley is a graduate of Duke University with graduate studies in art history at Virginia Commonwealth University and in art education at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga and the University of Miami.

An arts educator for many years and a painter since childhood, she has developed a personal style and point of view through years of work and exposure to different ideas. Competitive selection for study with Philip Pearlstein in 1986 and with Jack Beal in 1990 were pivotal in her development as an artist.

A frequent award winner in watercolor exhibitions, her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums in ten states. Honored by the Tennessee Arts Commission in 1997 with a solo show in Nashville, Chipley was, in 1998, chosen as one of 35 contemporary Tennessee women artists for a special exhibition at the Tennessee State Museum. Solo showings of her work have been held in Coral Gables at the Americas Collection in 2002, in Chattanooga at the AVA Gallery in 2006, and the Exum Gallery in 2012. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections from New York to Miami.


Underfoot #1

Transparent watercolor; 2017 – Coming Soon

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