C. Daniel Johnson

Lives in Chattanooga

Daniel scours cities, salvage yards and farms for found objects and pieces that become his canvas or are incorporated into his artwork. He is most recognized in Chattanooga and surrounding areas by his art on discarded metal washing machine panels. He also uses old cabinetry, doors and has even dismantled musical instruments using the parts in the piece or as the foundation.

Daniel is inspired and sees the potential for beauty where others see debris. His creativity flows through him – in many works, you can see where he starts the image and rarely or never picks up the pen, marker, brush or power tool from the starting point or line until the image and design is finished.

His work can be found locally at area 61 gallery and at Winder Binder on the Northshore.

area 61 gallery



Carved Door, Mixed Materials

flowers burned into a wooden door displayed on a black wall

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