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Cydney See, gets her name from her young habits as a little girl of always correcting the spelling of her name: “Cydney with a C”. It became her one-liner when introducing herself. As a full time artist, Cydney with a SEE is not only introducing herself, who she is and what she believes in, she is introducing her vision for art.

Cydney was born in Canada, but raised in Chattanooga, TN where she now calls home. Studying advertising design at SCAD she fell in love with concept, storytelling and branding. She loves being able to express a big ideas using small details, color theory, texture, and symbolism. Visually inspiring people is one of Cydney’s best attributes. When she is passionate about something, she dives in head first and wants to be immersed in it, studying every detail to really know what makes it tick, what gives it life. She believes in the power of atmosphere, and wants her art to emotionally draw you in. Transparency is her M.O.. She believes it’s important for her viewers to be apart of her process rather than just the “”end product””. This is depicted throughout her work by incorporating raw materials, and organic brush strokes. Called to create, Cydney wants to share her vision and her process. She hopes to inspire others to truly SEE themselves for who they are. As she says…

“When you allow yourself to be SEEn, you allow freedom for others to SEE themselves. Your truest self, your vulnerability, your mess and your progress. SEEing is the blueprint of mystery. SEEing opens our eyes, heart, soul and mind to let go, to be curious and to SEE art through our own eyes.”

Stay tuned as Cydney continues to unveil what is behind the curtain and share with you what truly inspires her.


Hunter Museum

Mixed media; 2018 – Coming Soon

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