Christopher Mosey

Lives in Chattanooga

Christopher Mosey has been creating hand blown art glass since studying glassblowing at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Smithville, Tennessee. During his undergraduate career, Chris attended several workshops at Haystack and Pilchuck Glass schools. Both institutions are world renowned for their selective admissions processes and high caliber instructors. Chris also won the 2000 Niche Student Award out of 388 entries representing 63 schools in the US and Canada.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tennessee Technological University in 2000, Chris opened iGNiS Glass Studio in Chattanooga TN in 2002. After gaining a reputation for original, functional art glass, Chris opened a studio in the Southside of Chattanooga at 1800 Rossville Ave. Chris used this new space to focus on new work that reflects his interests in the natural world with references to the organic patterns found in Art Nouveau imagery to shimmering geodes and incorporated these themes into his work. Now Chris is taking on a different aspect of glass blowing with a new space at 409 Broad Street. This space is defined by its accessibility to the public.

Christopher Mosey and iGNiS Glass Studio have branched out into new endeavors that seek to make glass blowing accessible to the community through Blow Your Own Glass sessions. This allows the public to come into the studio and experience glass blowing first hand. The new studio is geared toward enhancing that experience and is an interactive attraction that has added a great new hands-on thrill for visitors to the Chattanooga Area, while still allowing Chris to produce one of a kind sculptures and artwork that are for sale in the gallery.”


Thought Bubble

Blown glass sculpture; 2018

blown glass artwork displayed on a white wall

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