Brent Sanders

Lives in Chattanooga

“I consider myself more of stylistic documentarian than a conceptual artist. Through the lens of my camera I compose and record my surroundings and travels. The landscape, both urban and rural have been my primary focus throughout most of my career. The ability of those who construct the environment in which we exist, never ceases to amaze me. Ultimately, the relationship between value and shape is more important than a realistic representation of my subjects. The work is representative of the energy that encompasses everyone and everything around us.”

Fifth generation Chattanoogan Brent Sanders has spent the last 25 years working as a professional artist. Beginning his career as a video game designer and graphic artist, before becoming a full time painter in 2000. His studio and gallery are located on Chattanooga’s southside at 400 East Main Street. Visit BRENTSANDERS.COM for available works and reproductions.

Generally I prefer to work with images that I’ve shot myself, however with this particular series of work I referred to historical images of Chattanooga. I love all the old signage that lined the sidewalks back in the neon era. This location is facing north at Market and 8th street.

Influences include: Fauvism, German Expressionsim, Pop Art, Thomas Hart Benton, Phillip Burke, Stephen Quiller, and fellow Chattanooga artist Terry Cannon.


Uncle Herman's Shoe Store

36” x 48” Acrylic on Canvas – Work produced with historic photo from the 1950’s

colourful retro artwork displayed on a white wall
Piece #2
colourful and contrasted artwork displayed on a white wall
Piece #3
colourful painting displayed on a white wall

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