Anna Carll

Lives in Chattanooga

Abstract Paintings

As I quietly paint, I have both decisive moments and an earnest, listening eye. What occurs in the midst of this is nuance, happy accidents, intuitive associations, chaos, humor, brooding and reduction. Working with abstraction allows me to explore the boundaries between positive and negative space, the use of unusual textures and the mixing of different media. I begin this work flat while adding and subtracting subtle and intense color as well as exploring various types of heavy texture. I allow the water based media to flow and puddle in the valley’s of marks and texture that were first laid down gradually adding multiple layers that begin to form the basis of the botanicals. Once color and chaos is achieved across the surface, the pieces then go up on my painting wall where I begin the reduction process. Making these paintings is as much a physical experience as a psychological one. I embrace and process the nuances of this work and use the outcome as a vehicle to communicate a narrative about the natural world around me that exists outside of language.


Large Botanical #35

Oil on Canvas – Coming Soon

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