Amanda Brazier

Lives in Chattanooga

My work explores man’s elemental interaction with his environment, particularly in the measured way he builds and inhabits shelter. Influenced by the forms and materials of primitive earth dwellings, my visual language is grounded in architecture and repetition. Like the building process, the paintings develop through stacking, weaving, and assembling simple forms. In addition to referencing the physical structure of a home, the textures and patterning of the paintings suggest woven cloths or quilts, also symbols of protection and comfort.

I make paint from pigments processed from the soils near my home, constructing a painted sanctuary with a sense of its origin.

  • B.A. Freed-Hardeman University



Handmade oil on panel The colors are “Edwin Olive”, “Stringer’s Ridge Terre Verte”, “Stringer’s Ridge Warm Black”, “Wildwood Terre Verte”- all local pigments!

*Edwin Olive was created from rock and pigment collected by the artist from the site of The Edwin Hotel

artwork displayed on a white wall

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