April brings the arts

As we close in on the month of April, the city of Chattanooga is early anticipating its 17th Annual 4 Bridges Art Festival.

This event takes place each year to promote the advancement fine arts and the artists that dedicate their time to producing beautiful statements through their work. The event is located at the First Tennessee Pavilion which will be filled with incredible artwork, craft brews and delicious food in true Chattanooga fashion.

After the judges choose their favorite pieces, $15,000 worth of prizes will be given out to the winning participants. The Festivals preview party will be held on Friday, April 19th — General admission will be open on April 22nd and 23rd beginning at 10am ending around 5pm. Stroll the galleries and choose your favorite pieces along side of 12,000 other patrons who have traveled from around the country — be a judge among the judges.

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